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translate Chinese into English(望采纳,有问题欢迎追问^_^)

把它译成法语translate it into french.

把翻译成英语Translate xxx into English.Convert the xxx to English.

Whatever how a person loving you,he will be cool to you one day.

翻译: 中文 英语 地球引力 earth's gravity

Good morning, everyone. My name is XXX, height is 1 meter 5, my hobby is listening to music, I would say that the Japanese and some English. I would also like to watch animation. Thanks!



中文翻译成英语 = chinese translated into english

Abstract: English is today the most international language, English-speaking people in the world's most widely distributed. Along with social progress, English in our country's position in various fields has become increasingly important. Learn the


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