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i have rice and fish for dinner.望采纳..

dinner: Do you want to go get some dinner? 翻译:你想去买些东西当晚餐吃吗? beef: He loves beef . 翻译:他爱吃牛肉.noodles:Does she like eat noodles for lunch? 翻译:她喜欢午饭吃面条吗?rice: We need bread and rice. 翻译:我们需要面包和大米.

I eat dinner at seven o'clock every night. He ate dinner with his parents at a restaurant yesterday.

楼主好,下面是while当不同意思讲的时候的句子1、当……时:Colin was enjoying his dinner while a robber broke into his house with a gun.2、尽管:While Betty had made everything that she could do to prepare a dinner for her lover, she still was dumped.望采纳

What did you have for dinner? 你晚餐吃了什么?


what would you like for dinner?would you like cabbage for dinner?

I am having dinner

My mother is going to make the dinner when I get home 当我到家时我的妈妈准备烧饭

i can make dinner for you tonight今晚我可以为你做饭


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