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用givE AwAy造句并翻译

when you give away your love. 当你付出你的爱的时候

give away 有一种意思是泄露He gave the secret away.他泄露了秘密.你想表达的“他给了乞丐一些钱”,可以写成He gave some money to the poor

He gave away some money to the poor.他捐赠了一些钱给穷人.

John gave all his possessions away and became a monk.

1.Below you can see the official tweet where apple outs the ipad give away. 下面你能看到苹果在官方微博里翻出赠送ipad的宣言.article.yeeyan.org2.Mobile phones give away your location. 移动电话泄露您的方位.www.ecocn.org3.In such

we give away food to homeless kid

1.送掉;赠送;分发(奖品): John gave all his possessions away and became a monk. 2.(有意、无意地)泄露(情报、秘密等): Please don't give my secret away! 3.出卖,背弃,告发(某人): I know you didn't want to give your friend

He gives away some books to us. 他赠送了我们几本书 Do not give away my secret. 不要泄露我的秘密.

vi. 赠送;送出;背叛;泄露 例句 用作不及物动词 (vi.) He would rather give away a point than claim an advantage.他宁愿送分数,也不愿要求利益.词汇搭配 give oneself away 泄露 give the show away 露出马脚(泄露秘密 give away the

The rich person gave away his money to these poor children. 都是一些很基础的词汇哦,多积累,学以致用


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