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what's my age again - (2:26) i took her out it was friday night i wore cologne to get the feeling right we started making out and she took off my pants but then i turned on the tv 我把她在星期五晚上带回我家 我准备好了一切并且找准了感觉 在开始

第一个是错的.理由:如果用完成时态,副词probably要放在构成谓语的第一个助动词has之后,写成Jake has probably told you about my age.

Jack probably has told you about my age. 是正确的.you是宾语. about my age 是英语补语.全句意思为:杰克也许已经告诉你了我的年龄.


at与age搭配 表示在具体的某岁 at my age就是在我这个岁数(具体岁数) in与age搭配 表示在该年龄段 in my age就是表示在我这个年龄段(非具体的某个岁数) on my age就是”在我年龄这方面“的意思 使用较少

单词fib的意思 fib[fib] n. 小谎 n. he told a fib so he could leave early. n. 他撒了一个小谎,以便早些离开. vi. 撒小谎 缩写词fib的意思 fib : fibrillation 中文全称:纤维性颤动 fib : free into barge 中文全称:驳船上的交货价 fib : forward indicator bit 前向

at that time,I have a very funny dream.It's about my age .I didn't want to be old .I want to be a child forever .Because I have a beautiful childhood.There was an interesting thing in my childhood. It was Friday. My father, my mother and I went to my

Myself In the wonderful world, there's a common country girl, it is me. I'm sixteen years old. I'm a beautiful tall girl. As a student of Dongzhou Middle School, I'm proud of it. Teachers here are very friendly and helpful to us. They often tell us, “

抢劫案发生在五月七日周四下午三点.雪丽布朗小姐正在逛街购物.她刚从银行取了钱.正当她走出银行,一名男子抢去她的手提包,然后逃跑. 布朗小姐说,该男子没有戴墨镜,有黑头发,还说他头发比较短,眼睛和嘴巴比较小,但是鼻子很大.

你好!age 询问年龄 填表格吧 age: 15 at the age of He could swim at the age of six.好像一般直接说 He is 15.He is a 15-year-old boy.He is 15 years old.希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.


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