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forementioned adj. 上述的, 前述的 这个词是因为这个短语afore mentioned经常使用,所以凝固成为了一个词.是后来词汇化而来的. 祝你学习愉快! (*^__^*) 请及时采纳,多谢.不是古英语

aforementioned 英[f:mennd] 美[f:rmennd] adj. 前述的; 上述的; [例句]A declaration will be issued at the end of the aforementioned UN conference.前面提到的那次联合国会议将于闭幕之际发表一份宣言.

aforementioned英[f:mennd]美[f:rmennd]adj.前述的; 上述的网络前面提到的; 上述; 前述The aforementioned series of ratios used to analyze short-term debt-paying ability can also be used to evaluating long-term solvency.前述的一系列用于分析短期偿债能力的比率指标也能被用于评价长期偿债能力.


a.m.material 是 前述材料 的意思bulk material 是 散装材料 的意思

有细微的差别,yogurt一般指不含糖和其它添加物(比如果粒等等)的纯酸奶.yoghurt的范围就广很多了,就是一般意义上的酸奶. 还有就是英式英语和美式英语的差别,英式的是:yoghurt 美式的是:yogurt

如果上述情况都不再适用,迅速打开ESP系统 ESP 英文全称electronic stability program 电子稳定程序

Authorized Representative Name授权代表姓名双语对照例句:The aforementioned major information of party a includes but is not limited to theinstitution name, legal representative, name of natural person, contact, residentialaddress, number of

这是美式英语中很常见的一个打招呼的方式,直接翻译就是:伙计,你好.这里的guys可以指男士也可以指女士.拓展资料1. Shawn: who'sthat? Carly:The cancers Girl: Hey, guys, you come back.肖恩: 她是谁? 卡丽e799bee5baa6e79fa5e

I had a great time at the summer camp. I not only met many new friends, but also improved my knowledge of and skills in English communicaiton, both written and verbal. I had many opportunities to improve many aspects of the aforementioned

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