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As soon As同义词

as soon as的同义词:no sooner … than as soon as的同义词:hardly when as soon as的同义词:scarcely when as soon as的例句: 1. As soon as he got inside, the dog shook himself. 他一进来,狗就开始摇头摆尾. 2. They stopped you as soon as you deviated from the script. 一旦你偏离了剧本的内容,他们就会喊停.

as soon as 一.就no sooner … than =hardly when=scarcely .when 有不会的可以再问我


scarcely…whenas soon asdirectlyno sooner … than …the moment that hardly …whenhardly …beforethe very momentas soon as | as … asonceimmediately

尽快 [jǐn kuài]基本翻译as soon as possibleas quickly as possibleas early as possibleas fast as canwith the least delay possible

as quickly as possible the sooner ,the better as soon as you can 三个都可以

soon after

as soon as you can.

as soon as 有两个意思: 1 “一.就.”引导时间状语从句; 同义或近义: just when 2 “和一样快” 如: as soon as possible, as soon as you can “尽快” 同义或近义:as quickly as


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