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BE ABlE to知识点

be able to=can ,后面用动词原形,be动词随着主语和时态的变化而变化,例如:He has been able to run quickly since 10 years ago.希望能够采纳.

用be able to a. 位于助动词后. b. 情态动词后. c. 表示过去某时刻动作时. d. 用于句首表示条件. e. 表示成功地做了某事时,只能用was/were able to, 不能用could. He was able to flee Europe before the war broke out. = He managed to flee Europe before the war broke out.

can/is able tocancould/was able toare able tocould/was able to一般现在时和一般过去时 各种时态用be able to而不能用can满意请及时采纳,谢谢

1.be able to不要急着买电脑,明年你能买到更便宜的.can没有将来时,所以要用be able to2.2345句用be able to,第二题是因为can只有过去式could,不能用在完成时中.第三题是因为used to是情态动词,can也是情态动词,两者

able 用法:be able to do Note: 反义词unable表示不能,而disabled表示残疾的. be able to do可以表示经过艰难困苦才能做到的事. 2.abroad 用法:表示到(在)国外

used to do,过去常常做某事be able to do能做某事;有能力做某事in the sky 在天上

(1) be able to 强调通过努力而获得的能力,而can则强调自身已具有的能力.如:She can sing the song in English.她能用英语唱这首歌.He will be able to sing this song in English in a few minutes,too.几小时之后,他也能用英语唱这首歌.(2) be

第一句没懂你啥意思……选择题选D,be able to是固定短语,意思就是“能够,可以”,和can意思重复,所以不选AB下一题选craise:vt.(1)举起,使升高(2)使起来,竖起(3)唤起,引起(4)增加;提拔rise:(rose,risen)vi.(1

can 和be able to 都可以表示能力.can泛指一般的能力,而且只有两种形式,即:can,could.be able to 则主要指具体做到了某件事的能力,其形式主要是靠be 发生变化,所以形式比can 多.可以说:I can swim.I am able to swim.但是不能说:All the people could escape from the big fire in time.只能说:All the people were able to escape from the fire in time.

错了, be able to do 能够做某事,固定搭配,这句中主语是a successful businessman 谓语should be able to 一定要用动词/动词词组


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