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BE ACCustomED to

be accustomed to 中的to不是动词不定式的标志词,而是介词,所以其后跟动词必须用动名词-ing 形式.答案 doing

be accustomed to的意思:习惯于;习以为常.be accustomed to 英 [bi: kstmd tu:] 美 [bi kstmd tu] 重点词汇:1、accustomed 英 [kstmd] 美 [kstmd] adj.习惯的;通常的;独有的;适应的.v.使习惯于(

be accustomed to中的to个介词,后面如接动词,动词要加ing改成动名词.be accustomed to doing 规律方法:be accustomed to 是固定词组,后面连结doing 动名词和动词不定式一样,其否定形式也是直接在它前面加not.如:I get up early in order not to be late for school.I decided not to do the homework.I feel like not being disturbed.I prefer not doing the experiment.

be accustomed to doing 习惯于.. [网络短语] be accustomed to doing 习惯于 be accustomed to doing sth 习惯于做某事,习惯于,习惯做某事 be accustomed to + n./v-ing,其否定式为 be accustomed to not doing. 类似的短语还有 be/get used to (not) doing, pay attention to (not) doing 等含有介词to的短语.


be used to一般用于指自然而然地成为习惯,be accustomed to常常用于指通过努力而成为习惯.试比较:I am used to teaching English.我对教英语已习惯了.Mrs Smith was not accustomed to leaving home during the winter.史密斯夫人不习惯冬天出门.In the past grandfather was accustomed to taking a short walk before dinner.

be accustomed to +doing sth. 或be accustomed to +sth.习惯于..与be used to 不同的是,虽然两者都有习惯于的意思,但be used to 通常指自然而然地成为习惯,而be accustomed to 常常用于指通过努力而成为习惯.加doing.可以理解为习惯于一种“东西”.而这个“东西”是名词.所以说,可以直接加一个名词在后面.而doing sth就是一种名词形势.类似的有look forward to sth (期待一样“东西”).

be accustomed to doing规律方法:be accustomed to 是固定词组,后面连结doing就向be used to doing,你看到的肯定有错误.谢谢

be wont to do,be accustomed to doing,这两个都是习惯做什么的意思.used to do sth是过去常常做某事,be used to do sth是被用来做某事,be used to doing也是习惯于做某事的意思.



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