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be riddled with饱受的辛苦;充满riddle 谜;谜语;神秘事件;无法解释的情况Yet some art world insiders suggest that, notwithstanding their philanthropic aims, new art prizes can be riddled with problems.然而,一些艺术世界成员认为,尽管带有慈善目的,新艺术奖项仍会充满问题And you'll be riddled with bullets.子弹把你们打成蜂窝.

be fraught with[英][bi: fr:t wi][美][bi frt w]充满,充满…的; 例句:1.Such a plan would be fraught with danger. 这样的一个计划,充满危险.2.These talks will be fraught with difficulty. 这些谈判恐怕会困难重重.

somebody为主语时是be fraught with,something为主语是,fraught with表修饰,作为主语的补足语,例如:an event fraught with significance 一件意义重大的事,a situation fraught with danger 危机四伏的形式

直接翻译是被什么轰炸, 因为是被动语态, 但是也可以指被很多什么的东西推在身上的意思. 例如, the students with excellent grades are often bombarded with many responsibilities by their teachers.老师常常把很多责任推在成绩优异的学生身上.

你好!装备有……, 储备有……仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

with difficulty英[wi difiklti]美[w dfklti]困难地,吃力地

be contemporary with与处于同一时代;音标为:英[kntemprri]; 美[kntempreri](读作: 必肯坦颇罗瑞为日).关键词:contemporary (形容词)当代的,现代的; 同时代的,同属一个时期的;(名词)同代人; 同辈人; 同


但最引人注目的仍然是峡湾中的声声海浪和沐浴在日光下的片片轻舟. The movie star was Bathed in hugs and kisses from his fans. 电影明星沉浸在影迷的搂抱亲吻中. There will be more joy in heaven over the tear-bathed face of a repentant

The twelve zodiac animals be fraught with grim possibilities


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