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BE short oF造句

be short of 就是“……的缩写” 如:BB is short of Blackboard 还有另一种形式be short for 如:Blackboard is short for BB 2 有“缺少……”之意 We're short of cash. 我们的资金不足 1.be short of 缺乏(反义词组:be rich in)she is short of food

用be short of sth 造句 *We did not buy anything because we were short of money.我们因为缺钱,就什么也没买. *I must stop a bit.I'm short of breath.我得歇一歇,我喘不过气来了. *The day's drive still left us a hun dred miles short of the ocean.车跑了一天,我们离海边还有一百英里.

we are short of food.我们食物短缺

people are often short of courage when they face danger.

US is short of mask now.

be short of 不及;少于;缺少short 1 / t; rt/ adj (-er, -est) (a) measuring little from one end to the other (长度方面)短的: a short stick, line, dress, journey 短棒、 短线、 短连衣裙、 短途旅行 * short grass, fur 短的草、 毛皮 * a short

keep to 保持.He kee to study hard.和a waste of time 浪费时间.It is a waste of time to argue with him.和be short of 短缺. We are short of food.

be short to /for:是的缩写 be short of:缺少.be short in :在某方面不够(多、强大等)

voa is short for voice of america.

I am short of money.


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