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1.be covered with 被覆盖2.be based on 以、、、为基础3.be welcomed by 受欢迎4.be forced to 被迫5.be dumped by 被谁谁谁甩了6.be built by 被某某人建造的 7.be repaired by 被谁修好的8.be determined to 下决

肯定不行了,都不用分析做什么成分的,有了be 就是动词了,怎么能是非谓语动词呢?如果有be ,还要做非谓语,那么be 的非谓语是being,一般being 可以省略,比如,be tired of 的非谓语是tired of 但是,在there be的非谓语中,being 不能省略,there being 形式出现

一.Be+形容词+of1.Be afraid of sth. or sb. 害怕某事 或者某人He was afraid of his enemies. 他害怕他的敌人 2.Be aware of sth 意识到某事Are you aware of the danger? 你意识到危险了吗? 3.Be unware of sth. 没有意识到某事4.Be fond of sth. or

"be +adj.+介词"的所有词组搭配 符合这个结构的短语很多,这里简要总结中学常见的一些:be good at be good for be good to be poor at be bad for be kind to be cruel to be true to be friendly to be pleased with be satisfied with be angry with be

.惊讶 11 be busy with 忙于做.. 准备 先找怎么多..感到生气25 be ready for 为.自豪 9 be weak in 在.而著名20 be worthy of 值得21 be (quite) equal to 相当. 熟悉24 be angry at 对.,差不多22 be afraid of 害怕23 be familiar with 对..12

努力地回想一下哈~ be able to be combined with be accompanied by be satisfied with be disappointed with be depressed of be admitted to be accustommed to be applied to be regarded/recognized/taken/known as be devoted to be dedicated to

be familiar with you be angry at be ready for be afraid of.

be tired of be designed for be satisfied at be trapped in be worried about be lost in be married to be used to (被用作)等等

是很常见的There be句型,一般there be 加介词短语可构成谓语.比如说:There are many books on the desk.在这个句子中,many books是真正主语,on是介词,则on the desk 是介词短语,它就是谓语.



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