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be separated from和be separate from的区别是:读音不同;中文意思不完全相同;词性、用法不同 一、读音不同1、be separated from 读音:英 [bi sepretd frm] 美 [bi 'sepretd frm]2、be separate from 读音:英 [bi seprt fr

两个意思不一样,还是比较容易区别:be separated from 和…分离开,和…分散; [例句]It's about friendship, and how difficult today is to be separated from those you love.be different from 不同于; 与…不同; [例句]He wants to push himself forward and be different from the others.他就爱出风头,搞个人突出.


Darling,I Miss You.亲爱的,我想念你.双语例句1.My darling, I miss you so much. 亲爱的华,我好想你.2.Darling, I really miss you very much. Can you feel about that?Why should we be separated from each other? 亲爱的.我好想你.真的好想你

永远不分开例:they are never separated from each other 他们永远不会彼此分离

(1.) be divided into 显然主语是动作的承受者,而 separate from 主语是动作的发出者.(2.)意思上不一样.前者是“被分成、被划分成”,后者是“脱离、分离”.不懂可以继续追问欧,希望你能采纳,谢谢

意思是 亲爱的我想你

be+V-ed+prep: 1. be prepared for,为做好了准备 2.be addicted to,沉溺于3.be surprised by,4.be accustomed to, 5.be interested in, 6.be attached to, 7.be absorbed in,8.be applied to, 9.be filled with,b10.be charged with, 11.be punished for,

in the pursuit of happiness的意思是:追求幸福. 例句: 1.His ethical teaching consisted in the pursuit of happiness, which he conceived of asthe elimination of pain, both mental and physical. 他的伦理学教导人要在精神上和身体上都追求幸福,设

be separated from的意思是“和分离开”,这是正式的表达方式;而be separate from在一些句子中也可以表示“和分离开”,但这个不是正式的词组. Advertising should be separate from the receipt information. 广告应该与数据信息分离开


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