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Both AnD造句

both my mum and my dad are doctors.bothand..表示两者都,我爸爸妈妈都是医生

Bill is both a good swimmer and a good cook.比尔不仅是个游泳好手, 而且是个烹调能手.

both mom and dad are watching TV 望楼主采纳

Both his father and mother are teachers.

both you and i like swimming. i can speak both chinese and english.

Both you and i are good students.

不但…而且…; 既…又… Both New York and London have traffic problems. 纽约和伦敦都存在交通问题. The secretary both speaks and writes Spanish. 这位秘书不但能讲而且能写西班牙语. Both teaching and research work are making great strides. 教学与科研都在大踏步前进. The delegates visited both New York and Boston. 代表们既访问了纽约,又访问了波士顿.

Bookstore is both hospital and the school . 书店在医院和学校之间. 一定要采纳啊!!!

Both you and i love playing hooky!你我都喜欢逃学!

I like both cake and bread.


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