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Bring BACk造句

恩科雨露小编来帮您:bring back有5个意思:1. 把…带回来,拿回来;使(某人)回来;归还:Bring back some apples for me.替我捎些苹果回来.2. 使被忆起,使被想起,使回忆起,使记起:His words brings back memories of my friend.他的

when are you bring my book please come back soon


I ordered you to bring back my pen immediately.

Remember to bring her back 记得把她带回来 My boss thinks highly of me 老板对我评价很高

特定语境下可以翻译为复活 bring back 通常的意思是,归还或者是使回忆 比如说,the story bring me back to the two hundred years ago.

The taxi can bring you to hospital at night.

1He switch on/off the light.2 My father wants to switch over the channel3When did you take up basketball?4The cup is filled with water.5I always complain about the environment.6I will bring back my book if you want to look.

bring back 英[bri bk] 美[br bk] 带回(某人或某物);还回(某物);回忆[回顾,回想起](往事);使 [例句]Less compromise will bring back color and shape into your life.更少的妥协将你的色彩和形状带回生活.如果您认可我的答案,请采纳.您的采纳,是我答题的动力,O(∩_∩)O谢谢!!


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