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CommuniCAtE with 造句

翻译如下 communicate with 一般过去时造句(两个) I communicated with him yesterday. 我昨天同他通信.I communicated with you in skilled English. 我用娴熟的英语与你沟通.

Sb communicate with sb I communicate with you Tom has communicate with that girl you can communicate with him

communicate KK: [] DJ: [] vt.1. 传达;传递;传播[(+to)] Did she communicate my wishes to you?她有没有把我的祝福转告你?2. 传染,使感染[(+to)] He communicated colds to the rest of his family.他把感冒传染给了家人.3. 【宗】给予以

The teacher suggested that we should communicate with others

communicate with侧重表现双方都在交流,communicate to侧重表示一方和另一方交流.

i usually communicate with teacher

1."If my aim can come true , I hope to be a teacher." 如果我的志向能实现的话,我就希望成为一个老师.2.I've tried, but it's impossible to communicate with her. 我试过了,不过根本无法跟她沟通.3.It was an indisputable fact that the other

we should have more communications with our parents我们需要与家长多沟通


we should have more communications with our parents我们需要与家长多沟通


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