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英文原文:competition 英式音标:[kmpt()n] 美式音标:[kmptn]

sports 表示运动复数,sports competition 偏向于表示体育运动类的竞赛,集合很多运动类sporting 是运动的形容词形式,sporting competition 就是体育比赛,竞技性比赛希望对你有帮助哦~

writing adventure 写冒险

歌唱比赛competition[英] [kmpitin] [美] [kmptn] n. 竞争;比赛;

Hello, this is li hua, i take the english contest yesterday afternoon and see others the game, when i was very nervous and wait until your game, and of your months of hard work and help, i told myself to calm and answer the question to you, so well through, the result was announced, you won't beside me

competition,这个单词为名词词性,意思是竞赛,比赛, 同样有竞赛和比赛的单词有:match,emulation

Since then they help each other. Learn from each other. The competition were at the same time established a good cooperative relationship they developed a reasonable diet package. Both can also add a day to maintain good physical limits as the energy

楼主你好.应该翻译为My Chinese teacher tall slim, she is very pretty, she is American, she likes blue, she likes reading and tourism, she is very helpful, her last won the first prize of teaching competition and I like her very much!


1.Our school will hold an english speech competition 2.-Would you like our school? -Yes,i do 3.When will your school hold the basketball match 4.Their school will go for a trip every April


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