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desperately[英]['desprtl][美][dsprtl]adv.绝望地; 不顾一切地; <口>极度地; 猛烈地; 例句:1.A couple of stray dogs roam, looking desperately for food. 两三只走失的狗在街上闲荡,在绝望地四处觅食.2.She chases it, and her parents desperately run after her. 她去追它,她的父母拼命地跟在后面追.

desperately ['desprtli] adv.1. 绝望地,希望渺茫地2. 铤而走险地,不顾一切地,拼命地3. [口语]极其,非常,很


You have nothing but desperately你除了绝望什么都没有desperately 英['desprtl]美[dsprtl]adv. 绝望地; 不顾一切地; <口>极度地; 猛烈地;[网络] 迫切地; 极度; 不顾一切的;[例句]It is desperately sad news and I am absolutely shattered to hear it.这是个令人悲痛欲绝的消息,我听后彻底崩溃了.[其他] 形近词: temperately desperation

这是中国人的写法..按道理上讲英文没有“血战”一词..可近似翻译为:fight desperately 至于“天下”,翻译成all over the world 或者the whole world 或者the whole land 都行 连起来..大概可以译为:Fighting desperately in the whole world(绝对牵强,因为再译回来就是:全世界在拼命凑合看吧)

The definition of "desperately" in the Cambridge Dictionary is : you are frightened so that you are ready to try anything to change a situation, which is “迫切地” in Chinese.So, the translation of this sentence can be "无论多么需要进行改变,改变不会自然而然地发生.(暗指人们要通过努力使改变发生)"


1. the mother sends Tom to call Dr. (send…for) 2. immediately, because the sugar has used up, he has not made the cake (run out of) 3. I to know that you busy extremely (desperately) 4. Tom spoke incorrectly now the words, stirs up all personnel

desperately ['despritli] adv. 拼命地, 绝望地, 极严重地, 孤注一掷地complete [km'pli:t] adj.完整的, 完成的, 彻底的 vt.完成, 使完美;使圆满, 填(表格等)



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