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at the distance 在距离 Lay down the extinguisher at the distance of approximately 5m away from the origin of fire.在距离起火点5米左右处,放下灭火器.keep at a distance 与(某人)保持一段距离;疏远 If you will only keep at a distance, I may float down in safety.只要你和我保持一定的距离,我就可以安全地漂下去.

keep one's distance 保持疏远long distance call 长途电话in the distance 在远处from/ at a distance 从远处

in the distance在远处 常与另一个词组一起考察,那就是at a distance in the distance意思比较模糊和笼统,就指“在远处”,比如说: I see a light in the distance 我看见了远处的灯光 I can see the bus coming in the distance. 我看见公共汽车从远

是不是打错了,应该是 for instance 而不是 for distancefor instance = for example,意思是“例如,比如;拿 来说”,用在句中做独立成分,和句中其他成分用标点符号隔开,表示例举.再如:You cannot rely on her; fo

可数名词 at a distance 在远处 eg1)your dess looks all right at a distance

依次是:从远方 在远处 在远处,在很远的那边

distant 形容词可以作表语、定语.名词为distance,短语in the distance意为在远处

in the distance是在远处的意思.at the distance是远处,远方的意思

in the distance 和at a distance 的区别:1、in the distance 在远方,直接用作状语.2、at a distance (of)在多远的地方,一般后面接距离的名词或数词.拓展资料 in the distance的用法1、I hear the rumble of thunder in the distance. 我听到远处雷

意思是:行多少路,走多少路程属于cover的一个用法:行走(一段路程)if you cover a particular distance, you travel that distance.希望能帮到你.行走了一段距离.to travel the distance mentioned.如by sunset we had covered thirty miles.意为:到日落时我们已走了三十英里.


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