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I wasn't quite myself last night昨天晚上我相当舒服(不痛快)

【Silence 安静】 Olivia Broadfield 奥利佛奥莉维亚 (歌词): I have a little trouble sleeping 我有点失眠 Been like this for a while 最近一直这样 I can't get you off my mind 我无法将你忘记 I'm easily distracted 容易让我分心 Like I'm losing

This one won't be on the radio这不会出现在电台上If I'm right they'll say it is too slow如果我没错的话 他们会很慢地说This one may not ever make it这可能永远不会成功Outside these four walls I take it在这四面墙之外 我拿带走它This one won't be on

I don`t wanna be in love alone我不想独自陷入爱里面Wanna give you my heart想把我的心交给你But you can`t be playin` cause但是你不能只是玩玩 因为I don`t wanna be in love alone我不想独自陷入爱里面See me falling, yeah but I can`t be the

2010-01-29 16:55:05 来自: calissa(笑口常开) An elderly carpenter was ready to retire. He told his employer contractor of his plans to leave the house building business and live a more leisurely life with his wife enjoying his extended family. He

分心 [fēn xīn]基本翻译divert one's attentionclaim attention网络释义分心:distraction | Hearts Divided | distractions

我从来没有试图保持乐观 我太他妈的繁忙的消极的 所以着眼于给我 不明白这是什么意思,生活 你知道我们都爱只是抱怨 但或许我们应该尝试重新排列 总是有人 谁拿了它比你 我的生活真是太酷了 我的生活真是太酷了 从一个不同的角度


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