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Lack of syrupLack of water deaeratorPressure buffer tank too lowProduct flow too highProduct flow too lowMixture ratio syrup too lowMixture ratio syrup too highMixture ratio CO2 too lowDeaerator not r

Drive for continuous development of the agent with the oilfield, the oilfield chemical additives are constantly updating and updating updated frequently come out of different types and models of products. After the oil extraction process, the produced

随着水体富营养化的加重,污水的生物脱氮除磷技术越来越受到广泛的关注,成为减 This paper studies the acetic acid and sodium in for carbon sources, when dosing

是一种镇痛退热的处方药. 常用于,但不局限于治疗头痛,肌肉酸痛,关节炎,肩背疼痛,牙痛或发冷发热等. 不能过量使用,过量使用可能导致严重后果.成人每次最大用量1克,一日最多4克;过量使用可能导致肝脏功能损伤.假如您每日


Permanganate index is refers to under certain conditions, with potassium permanganate (KMnO4) as the oxidant, the amount of consumption of oxidant b

该破乳剂适用于油田乳化原油破乳脱水,也可作为炼厂的脱盐、脱水剂. This demulsifier suitable for oilfield emulsified oil broken breast dehydration, also can be used as refinery desalination, dehydrated agent. 原油脱水使用时,可使用产品原液

Two methodsIn vitro hemolysis test since 210 rabbit ears margins healthy blood vein, heparin resistanceCoagulation, repacking 7 per pipe, tube, then each 0.5 mL joined with volume fractionThe sodium chloride injection times 0.9% than seven

Of fenton reagent processing laboratory simulation studies were conducted to additive amount of hydrogen peroxide and ferrous sulfate dosing quantity,pH value,and under



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