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ExECpt For用法

except for用于表示对主要部分的肯定和对局部的否定.它不表示同类事物之间的关系,其意思为:1."除了……以外".如:Smith is a good man,except for his bad temper.

1)Except后排除的内容与主语往往是同一类的,而exceptfor后所排除的内容与主语往往不是同一类的. All the buildings are excellent except this one. All the buildings are excellent except for their location 此处比较难理解,except可以说是从一个整

我们知道,except, except for和excepting都有"除……外"的意思,但在用法上却有所不同.现将其分述如下: 一、 except用于表示同类事物之间的关系,其意为"除……以外"、"除去". 1. except后面可接名词、代词、动词、副词、介词

说得通俗点,Except for 表示排除总体中美中中不足的部分,即排除细节、异类.eg:He is a good man except for hot temper.except意为“除去,其他都”用于排除同类.eg:Every student is preparing his lessons except Tom.还可以联系

execpt 作介词的时候,后面跟动名词形式,即doing ,不过一般是 except for sth./dong sth.

1.该句子用了“preventfrom v-ing\beig ”的句型,是“阻止”的意思.要记住其用法:遇到verb,要v-ing;遇be,要being.2.“being formed”是由“new habits is form”中的“is formed”中变来的3.being是由is变来的,当is前头遇到by,from,


how to spend money for student as a student,execpt that you can earn money by yourself,then you can spend it in your way,buy anything you would like to have.but there are little time for students to work after class,especially in china,so you should

41.He said that he liked the electric fan _____ its colour. A.except B.besides C.except that D.execpt for 选d, execpt for 常用于表示不属于同类的事物.如: Your composition is well written except for some speeling mistakes. C 项要接从句.

因为who shook his head,是定语从句,来修饰这个老头的,所以one old man才是主体要看的,所以except for one old man.而who shook his head是说明了这个老头的状态,而与老人相对比的是,they.


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