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He fell in love with her at their first meeting.他对她一见钟情.The first time I saw this dog,I fell in love with it.当我第一次看到这狗的时候,我就爱上了它.

与(某人)坠入爱河 亦即 爱上(某人) He have fallen in love with a very beautiful girl.

I fall in love with you. 我爱上你了.

Fall in love with sb 固定词组 解释为:坠入爱河,也可认为是"爱上.人" 是高一第2学期英语课文第1篇,名为<The Phantom of the Opera>里的一个词组.如 He fell madly in love with that girl the first time he saw her.他第一次见到那个女孩时就疯

those who love france but can do without the natives喜欢法国却看不上法国人的人们father and mother l love you爸爸妈妈,我爱你

But John dislike Lucy

你好!l fall in love with you我爱上你了仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

fall in love with sb. 喜欢上某人,爱上某人

--fall in love with sb. 爱上某人--例句:I fall in love with you. 我爱上你了.--例句:You are the apple of my eye. (意思同上.但是直译为:你是我眼中的苹果)--fall 过去式为 fell--sb. 只能是 her, him, you, them,亦可直接加名字--fall in love with sb. at first sight 一见钟情--例句:I fell in love with you at first sight. 我对你一见钟情.

lose one's heart with sb爱上某人!fond of sbgive one's heart to ab;be fascinated with sbbe captivated by sb都是爱上某人的意思!回答完毕,你看可以不,可以的话,请选为满意答案.希望对你有所帮助,如有疑问,请指


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