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he jump out of bed full of plans for the weekend ahead,ahead他从床上跳下了一周的周末计划he jump out of bed full of plans for the weekend ahead,ahead他从床上跳下了一周的周末计划

为什么?有两种可能: 一种情况是你可能看错了,另一种是答案错了.如果选B above, 后面应该不是句号,而是诸如 mentioned (前面提到的)的单词.这个句子可翻译为:他从床上跳起来,脑袋里满是想着下周末计划怎么过.所以说,正确的答案应该是C ahead.

可以作表语, 状语等1. 作表语:He is full of regrets2. 作状语 He is sitting there, full of regrets========如有疑问,马上追问!祝学习进步========

应该是 vacation plans 吧一篇短文Do you remember the time you had a horrible vacation? Everything went wrong. The hotel was noisy; your mother-in-law was driving you crazy; the countryside was full of garbage. Why does this happen so often?

full of conceit自负双语对照词典结果:网络释义1. 目空一切-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

Happy summer blink of an eye later, I ascend to the fifth grade, what we use to meet the full of hope, full of ideals of the new semester it? Of course, be a good learning attitude and satisfactory ac

伴随状语,相当于……with full apologies.

full of是形容词短语 意思是 满满的.常用短语是be full of 充满后面必须 有名词或代词.

full of tend 充分的 (趋向,倾向于)如果是就是 full of tenderness 充满了柔情满意请采纳,谢谢

full adj 满的 be full of sth.充满fill vt 使充满 fill sth with sth.用充满 be filled up with sth.充满着fall vi 降落,摔倒 fall down 摔倒


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