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I dare you的意思是 我打赌你不敢

arrogant 英[rgnt] 美[rnt] adj. 骄; 傲慢的,自大的; 带有傲慢,出自傲慢; 骄慢; [例句]He was so arrogant 他是如此傲慢.

You haughty你傲慢, / you halt你犹豫、 / yellow hat黄色帽子、 /yield hat生产帽子、 /your hat你的帽子、 /

Forest of Your Eyes. (你眼中的忧林)How sincere I came into your lover heart.我是那么真诚地向你献出我的爱I believed your words which sounded likehonest.黑色设计曾经那么确信你有着那诚意How haughty you leave this broken heart.但现今你

put down your pride as so many peiple die on it . I bet that others come close to you just for your face when you put down haughty . I don't say to anyone but you ~~ 呵呵

proud [praud] adj. 1. 自豪的,骄傲的2. (因受表扬等而)感到光荣的,引以为荣的3. 自尊的;自重的;有自尊心的4. 得意的;极愉快的5. 自高自大的;妄自尊大的;自以为是的6. 高贵的;堂皇的;壮丽的7. 有精神的;精力充沛的8. 庄严的;辉

fall 英[fl] 美[fl] 中文发音:英式:佛(四声)~ 哦(二声)中间有长元音拉长一点 美式:否(四声)呕(四声)发音短作动词:v. 落下;倒塌;摔倒;下降;减弱;阵亡作名词:n. 摔倒;下降;秋天;垮台;陷落;瀑布作形容词:adj. 秋天

conceited极其自负的(拿自己的权力,能力等炫耀)He is so conceited that he regards his works as Picasso's!arrogant自大的,自负的 (自己水平可能一般,但总以为自己了不起去而不为别人考虑)You are arrogant to assume you'll win every time

傲慢与偏见The novel opens with the famous line, "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.". and ends with two marriages: Jane and Bingley's, as well as Darcy and

你非常高傲You are so arrogant.You are pretty cocky.


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