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最大的区别就是一个后面不能接东西了,另一个可以.前一个表示什么是被需要的,强调需要,Sth is in need.后者表示需要的对象,强调对象,We are in need of sth.

need do 是情态动词+ 动词原形need to do是行为动词+ 动词不定式

in need of 英[in ni:d v] 美[n nid v] [词典] 需要; [例句]There was damp everywhere and the entire building was in need of rewiring.到处都受了潮,整栋楼需要重新布线.

in need of +名词 “need”既可以作情态动词,也可以作实义动词,还可以作名词,但是它们的用法不同. 作为情态动词的“need”的用法与其他情态动词“can”,“may”,“must”的用法基本相同:在限定动词词组中总是位居第一,没有非限

in need of 的意思是【需要】例如 Is he often offered help when he is in need of help? 她需要帮助的时候,有人经常主动提供帮助吗?the need of 的意思是【对的需要 】有the的用在后面有特定范围的时候例如Its practice of facing the need to address many of the policies, theories and operational problems.其实践面临许多需要解决的政策、理论和操作问题.

in want of和in need of的区别为:意思不同、用法不同、侧重点不同.一、意思不同1.in want of:需要;缺乏;有钱的男人都需要2.in need of:有…的需要;有…的必要二、用法不同1.in want of:want的基本意思是“想”“要”,指人希望、愿意

一样的啦,只不过把be动词省略可作状语~In need of rest,he went back home quickly,He went back home quickly because he is in need of rest.

需要,缺少The brickwork in this house is in need of repair. 这所房子的砖造部分需要修理.Often,when we are at our most vulnerable,we are in need of reassurance,comfort or a gentle helping hand. 在最脆弱的时候,我们往往需要别人的鼓励和安

indeed吧indeed:副词 ad. 1.(加强语气)真正地,确实,实在A friend in need is a friend indeed. 患难之交才是真正的朋友. 2.(表示让步)当然,固然He is indeed young, but he is competent. 他固然年轻,但他很称职. 3.(表示进一层的意

in need of英 [in ni:d v] 美 [n nid v] 需要There was damp everywhere and the entire building was in need of rewiring. 到处都受了潮,整栋楼需要重新布线.柯林斯例句库2What are you in need of? I'll go and get it. 需要什么?我去奔.汉英大


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