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in relation toadv.关于, 涉及, 与…相比

have relation to: 与…有关例句:through those forms of concentration which have relation to the sense perceptions.意识经过稳定的训练而令精神集中产生最高的意识转变.have relation with:与之关联 相关的does china's clothing cultural beauty have relation with philosophy or science?中国服装文化美与哲学有无关系?与科学有无关系?

例一(设两库中有共同字段:学籍号) sele 2 在2号工作区打开成绩库 use cjk inde on 学籍号 to xj 从库按待关联字段索引 sele 1 在1号工作区打开学生库 use xsk set rela to 学籍号 into b 按学籍号建立关联 loca for 学籍号="9504002" disp 学籍


in relation to 不直接跟动词ing形式 in relation to [介]关于,和相关,就而论 I have a lot to say in relation to that affair.关于那件事我有好多话要说 You are given a map so that you can see where your villa is in relation to the swimming pool.你会拿到一张地图,这样你就能了解自己的别墅与游泳池的相对位置.

in relation to 英 [in rilein tu:] 美 [n rlen tu] 词典 与…有关 双语例句 1 He is the sixth person to be arrested in relation to the coup plot. 他是政变阴谋牵涉到的第6个被捕的人.2 OLPC's story also points out the importance of considering cost in relation to value.OLPC的案例也表明了价值和成本的关系的重要性.

in relation to your needs. 关于您的需要2.science of soils in relation to crops. 针对农作物的土壤科学.3.physical position in relation to the surroundings. 相对于周围环境的物理位置..In the world of Hypertext, information is organized in relationship to other information. 在超级文本世界里,资料是按相互间的联系来排列的,事实上,在不同的信息之间的这种联系常常比其本身更有价值.


in relation to

应该是 in relationship 和 in relation to 两个介词短语,不能胡子眉毛一把抓. ~in relationship 含义是 “在密切联系之中” 或 “处于关系密切的状态”;~in relation to 表示 “与 有关”.


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