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in rEturn 造句

是in return,意为作为回报,反过来, I wish I could do something in return for the kindness I have received from him. 我希望我能做点什么事来酬谢他.

He helped her. In return, she gave some sweets to him.

作为回报,I'll do something for you in return for you help

you have to return the book in two weeks.

return造句:The idiom delivers more information in return for less effort by users.解析:造句,动词词语,是指用词语组织句子.今亦以指初等学校语文练习内容之一.词目:造句 基本:[sentence-making] 引证解释: 把词组织成句子.今亦以指初等学校语文练习内容之一

In fact, I get in all 3 yuans in return from him in the end.

您好!He returned to school when he lost his wallet.

1. Return to nature! 回归自然! 来源: dj.iciba.com 2. You have to return it to the company. 你得到本处来退车. 来源: dj.iciba.com 3. I shall have to return to my muttons directly. 我得马上回到正题上来. 来源: dj.iciba.com 4. Mission control

I'll return at 10 this evening.我今晚十点回来.

in turn 转而,反过来,依次 in return 作为回报 Can I buy lunch for you in return for your help?感谢你的帮忙,我请你吃午饭好么?I asked her opinion,but she just asked me a question in turn.我征求她的意见,她


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