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in the center of 在…中央 造句:What's going on in the center of this spiral galaxy? 在这个螺旋星系的中央发生了什么?希望能帮到你的学习~ 谢谢采纳!

They can share the money in the form of gifts or giving to a good cause. Most of the fresh water is in the South Pole in the form of ice.大量的淡水以冰的形式存在于南极

1. To draw off in the form of vapor. 一架飞机从空中飞过,尾部拖着一条水汽形成的白线. 2. The donation are given in the form of money.捐赠是通过金钱的形式给与的.3. Let's put it in the form of a question. 咱们来把它用问句形式表示出来吧.

in the way of 妨碍;关于…方面 短语 stand in the way of 妨碍 ; 阻碍 ; 阻住 ; 妨碍,阻止,阻挠 am in the way of 阻碍 Be In The Way Of 碍 is in the way of 阻碍 In the way of sth 挡道的 In the door way of 在 get in the way of 妨碍 ; 碍事 ; 阻碍

in front of造句1. He was sprawling in the sofa in front of the TV.他伸开手脚坐在电视机前的沙发上.2. The car in front of me stopped suddenly and I had to brake.我前面那辆小汽车突然停住,我只好刹车.3. The speaker had a sheaf of notes on

这个的意思是在……的前面吗?如果是,你就拼错了,应该是front I do not have enough time to sit in front of the TV.我没有足够的时间坐在电视机前面

In the absence of firm evidence the prisoner was set free. 因缺乏确证,被告被释放了.

There is a blackboard in the front of the classroom There are tables in the front of the classroom in the front of 表示 在(范围内)的前面的意思.

In the middle of the sthdents,there is a tree he takes a shower at six in the morning At the foot of the mountain,there is a river they always have a good idea

i like losing face. 我喜欢丢脸.don't be afraid of losing face. 不怕丢脸!the boy made a face. 那男孩做了一个怪相.


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