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①.The share of food in total household consumption. 食品在家庭总消费中占有的比例.②.In total, dare to say no, it is learned. 总而言之,勇敢地说出“不”,是需要习得的.③.There are only about 2, 500 in total -- and they are being snapped up at both a torrid rate and at jaw-dropping prices. 新加坡总共只有约2,500套高档洋房,它们正在以极快的速度和令人惊掉下巴的价格被抢购一空.

how much are the bread?2 yuan how much are the meat?10yuan a kilo then how much are they in total?12 yuan in total,please

这句话的意思:新电脑总共花了我4000块钱.in total是总共的意思.可以用altogether代替.

total adj:1. 总计的,总括的,全体的[B] What is the total population of Japan?日本的总人口为多少?2. 完全的,绝对的 His plan ended in total failure.他的计划以彻底失败告终.I'm afraid that the performance was not a total success.在我看来,这

be at home希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O有不会的欢迎再继续问我(*^__^*)

i have collected 12 cards in total


in total = altogether 总共

=in total =totally, 意思是总共的. 谢谢采纳.


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