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it s timE For BED

it's time for bed的意思是:该睡觉了. 例句: 1.It's time for bed. It's nine o'clock. 到睡觉的时间了,现在是九点整. 2.Zahra:Turn off the TV, Ali. It's time for bed. 萨拉:阿里,把电视关掉,该上床睡觉了. 3.Oh , time's up , it's time for bed ! Good night , dear ! 好了,别想太多了,到时间睡觉了,晚安喽!

It's time for bed现在是睡觉的时间了双语对照例句:1.Enough fooling around. That'll do! It's time for bed now! 闹够了啊到此为止现在该睡觉了!

有的.It`s time for bed .= It's time to go to bed. 该上床睡觉了.

你好,不等于,但可以这样转换:It's time to go to bed now;1:for可以用to go to来代替;2:for后面直接接sth;3:to后面接动词原形,构成不定式结构;It's time for sth=It's time to do sth;It's time for sb to do sth:该到某人做某事了;

time for sth 的 sth 必须是名词或名词短语 这里 bed 代表名词短语 going to bed time for bed 是固定搭配,其他类似句子有 it's time for school it's time for dinner it's time for piano lessons 等等.

d, for bed这是固定用法:it's time for sth.意为:该是去xxxx的时候了(又it's time for bed = it's time to go to bed.)所以应该选d d.to 后面是要加动词的,所以a,c就都不对了,bed是名词(作动词时就不是睡觉的意思),asleep是形容词.for 后面是要加名词,所以b也不对,就只有d了

it's time to go to bed.

应该是take off 脱掉鞋子的意思

it's time to go to bed.是时候上床睡觉了.

当然可以 It's time to do sth 或者 It's time for sth都行


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