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很多美国人说这个世界上最困难的工作就是做总统了Many Americans say the hardest job in the world is being president

many recruiters 主语,say谓语 ,the old disgrace is fading for top performers宾语从句,其中从句中the old disgrace主语,is fading for 谓语,top performers宾语.

1. [答案]Good manners are important in all countries but ways of expressing good manners are different from country to country. /It is only the way of behaving politely that differs from country to country.[方法总结]中心句在段首或段尾.


The Man Who Made Spelling SimpleIn English the spelling of words does not always represent the sound.So people say /rait/but spell it right,or write,or even rite.

When you meet the Americans you can not say these. you can not ask them the age,For many Americans, age is a very sensitive problem.You can not ask them the weight,they do not want to talk about their weight.You can not ask them the income,Because it is their Secret.

In the United States,every year,Thanksgiving Day is on the fourth Thursday of November.Because Canada iS north of the United States,and is colder.The harvest comes earlier in the year.In Canada,people have Thanksgiving Day on the second

答案:B;D;B;A解析: 2 2.答案为D,从文章第一段中的“Traditionally,American parents have placed the needs of their children above their own.”可知.


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