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particular [p'tikjul] adj.特殊的;特定的;特别的;不寻常的;异常的 个别的;各个的,各自的;独自的,个人的 详细的;精密的;细致的 很讲究的;很挑剔的;难以取悦的 分项的;列举的 in particular 尤其,特别 particular case 特例;特定

particular的短语:go into particulars 详细说明 acquire detailed knowledge of the situation This is only a rough idea; I'll go into top particulars later on.这只是初步想法,以后我将详加说明.particular about 对…特别讲究 giving close attention to

be particular about sth

mean to do sth:故意做某事,打算做某事 mean doing sth 意味着做某事. mean做打算的时候,是to do sth,相当于intend to do mean作为意思,意味的动词时.要用mean sth或mean doing sth


be had 受骗, 上当had rather 宁愿, 宁可had sooner 宁愿, 宁可I won't have it. [口]我不能容忍这样的事.Let him have it. 给他一点颜色看看; 狠狠地收拾他; 给他一枪.not having any [口]不同意; 不感兴趣to have and to hold 【律】享有, 永


不及物动词 vi. [w] 1. 剩下,余留 a few pears remain on the trees. 树上尚留有几颗梨子. 2. 继续存在 little of the original architecture remains. 原先的建筑物几乎没有残留. 3. (人)留下;逗留 she remained in her office all afternoon. 她整个下午

realize = be / become aware of ( to understand or become aware of a particular fact or situation (不用于进行时)理解;领会;认识到;意识到


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