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意义:e68a8462616964757a686964616f313334313765341,[法] 护照2,通行证3,达到目的的手段4,保障 读法:英 [pspt] 美 [psprt] 短语:1,japanese passport 日本护照2,Passport No 护照号码 ; 护照号 ; 护照上的证件


名词 n. 护照 important little book with your name,photograph,etc.that shows which country you come from an expired passport 过期护照 carry a passport 持有护照 withhold passports 扣留护照

护照 Your passport is an official document containing your name, photograph, and personal details, which you need to show when you enter or leave a country.进身之阶;(获取成功或幸福的)途径,手段 If you say that a thing is a passport to success or happiness, you mean that this thing makes success or happiness possible.

n. 护照,通行证;手段.



passport status护照的地位passport status护照的地位

1. 护照;通行证;执照 2. (达到目的的)手段[S1][(+to)] [网络释义] passport 1.护照 2.无台阶的/残疾人用 PASSPORT 1.护照 Passport 1.护照酒 2.惠州.服装

my passport的意思是:我的护照 双语例句: 1.I only brought my passport and the Foreign Employment License. 我只带了护照和外国人就业证. 2.The official let me by after I had showed him my passport. 警官在我拿出护照之后让我通过. 3.My


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