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rEquEst sB to Do

request sb to do要求某人做某事;request to do 主语就是自己了,没有要求他人做的意思 如I was requested to read more.


My boss required me to finish my work before next monday.我老板要求我下周末前把工作完成.要视频?书店买本语法书呗亲,一样的

we should keep distance from dangerous goods.in his strong request us to re-do it again.up to now, i do not know the truth of the matter.our teacher always request us to do our homework carefully.

严格说来只有:request sb to do sth 中间必须要有一个宾语(人) request + 名词 例如: He requested me to stop smoking. May I request your attention?很高兴为你解答!老师祝你学习进步!请及时采纳哦!多谢你的问题!^_^

request sb to do sth/doing sth/that

有.ask sb to do sth,request sb to do sth

有的亲故,关于request的用法:request [ri5kwest] vt.请求,要求 n.请求,要求,邀请 request re.quest AHD:[r-kwst“] D.J.[r!6kwest] K.K.[r!6kwWst] v.tr.(及物动词) re.quest.ed,re.quest.ing,re.quests To express a desire for; ask for.恳求:表

请求做某事 beg sb to do sth

一个是客气一点,平等一点一个强硬一点.具体的解释;英语表示“要求”这个词大致有3个,即ask, request, require. ask为泛指,request和 require为特指.request表示make a request,所以 request (sb to do sth) 是“请求(某人做某事)”,是下对上的要求;而require表示order, demand, 是“命令,要求”之意,指上对下的要求,比如法律条款对当事人的要求,业主对雇员的要求.这样记忆吧,request是你看到同学说的,require是老师对你说的.以上回答你满意么?


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