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The pilot along with all the passengers was rescued 为什么用 was飞行员 和 所有的乘客 获救along with 为介词短语.句子结构:The pilot (单数 名词,主语)+ along with all the passengers (介词短语,修饰成分)+ was rescued (谓语,动词被动式)所以,应用 was (主语是单数名词)

应该是:rescued rescued v. 营救,救援,使免遭损失( rescue的过去式和过去分词 ); [例句]He had rescued her from a horrible life.他把她从可怕的生活中解救了出来.

received 英[rsi:vd] 美[rsivd] adj. 被一般承认的,被认为标准的; v. 接到; 接待; ( receive的过去式和过去分词 ) 收到; 接纳; 全部释义>> [例句]He was among the first to question the received wisdom of the time.他是那个时代首先质

She rescued from beng fired by working hard.她通过努力工作免于被解雇.rescue from 使免遭受(损失)

trouble有两种词性,名词与动词. 作名词时,又分为可数与不可数.大部分时候是不可数的.而troubles则是名词的不可数形式.拓展资料1、[U, C] ~ (with sb/sth) 问题;忧虑;困难;苦恼 a problem, worry, difficulty, etc. or a situation causing this

Always said 从前总是说, I would know where to find love 我会知道去哪里找真爱; I was lost 我曾迷失, And you rescued me somehow 是你将我拯救. I'm alive 我生命

这里的 scaffolding 指的是theory of scaffolding.theory of scaffolding 鹰架理论,指学生在学习一项新的概念或技能时,通过提供足够的支援来提升学生学习能力的教学准备.这些支援包括: * 资源 * 一项激发兴趣(compelling)的任务 * 模版及指导 * 认知及社交技巧方面的指导当学生发展了自主学习策略,提升了认知、情感和动作技能学习技能与知识时,这些支援会逐渐取走.

歌曲名:Rescued歌手:Emerson Drive专辑:What If?All alone and I'm feeling wanted Try to wait but my body's calling, you're the one so why don't you come and rescue me, I'll be here while you on your way, counting down till I see your face, hurry


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