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result in 后面加的是导致的结果result from 后面加的是导致的原因eg:They result in poor capital allocation.它们会导致资本配置不当Losses in honey bee populations can result from a number of causes.蜜蜂群

1)result to不是词组.2)result in和result from的区别 【result from】意指“是……的结果,由于……而发生”,即主语表示结果,介词from的宾语则表示原因,即主语的结果是由宾语的原因引起的.【result in】意指“结果是,导致;结果造成”,其主语表示原因,介词in的宾语则表示结果,即主语的原因导致或造成了宾语的结果.试比较以下两句的转换:his death resulted from an overdose of drugs. 他的死是由于服用药物过量引起的.these measures resulted in a great victory.由于采取了这些措施,结果打了一个大胜仗.

result 的用法:Result from(起因于) result in(导致) as a result(结果,所以,想当于so) as a result of(作为的结果) because of(因为,后面接动词ing,即because of doing) due to(由引起)

两个词都是导致的意思.lead to 导致 好的结果,或者是中性的词;result in 导致 不好的结果,往往是指失败、错误等!lead to 是带来.接结果 是动词短语 result 是名词 result from后接原因 result in 后接结果 与lead to差不多

result in的意思是“引起,导致,以…为结局; 落得; 致使; ”,相当于lead to.例句如下:When it came to antisocial attitudes that did not result in rule-breaking, the researchers found no correlation with entrepreneurship.研究中发现,如果反社会的态度没有导致打破规则的行为,则态度与创业精神是不相关的.

result in表示引起,导致,以…为结局; 落得; 致使. result from表示产生于…, 由…引起. 两者的区别在于,前者是主动引发,后者是被动引发. 例如:Such a war could result in the use of chemical and biological weapons.这样的战争,会

lead to和result in的区别和用法:这组动词短语都可表示“引起”、“造成”、“导致”的意思.1、result in 侧重强调所造成的结果,而结果通常是不良或消极的结果. 1)The fall he had during his infancy resulted in his deafness. 小时候的一次跌

no no no no可以用result in doing sth.结构e.g. Such confusion created by the ambiguity of a writer's expression will inevitably result in readers' not knowing the writer

result of 指什么什么的结果,用作主语 result in 指导致什么结果.用作谓语动词

result in 导致 result from 由..引起


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