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1 happy, always very far, far away. 2 some people, gradually forgotten. Some things, gradually to be deleted. 3 some of those days, the hour accumulate already a long time of water into tears fall. No sign will fall. A and then drop. In the face of that they

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这是一个网址.Yahoo Groups是Yahoo推出的群组交流平台

I'm glad to receive your letter. I had been preparing for a important exam last week, so I haven't got on line for a long time. I'm sorry that I haven't got a Yahoo E-mail yet, and I hope you do not mind that. Are you in HK by yourself or with your family? You

[图文] look into the chances of time travel critically. First of all, we must remember the whole universe is in Yahoo .There's a search engine out there with super speed and accuracy.It's really cool. Google is the

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