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Shipping solution的中文翻译 Shipping solution 运输解决方案 例句:Do feasibility analysis of the requirement for urgent shipping, make up solution tosatisfy the customer requirement. 对客户的紧急交货,提前交货要求,进行及时的可行性分析,并提出解决方案,以满足客户的要求.

Solutions are homogeneous mixtures of a solute dissolved in a solvent and can be represented by a substance followed by the symbol(aq) to show that the substance has formed a homogeneous mixture with water (an aqueous solution).溶液是指(

company a represents and warrants that company a's solution will perform substantially as specified by company a. company a's sole liability and company b's sole remedy with respect to such warranty will be company a's obligation to use

Phone:电话 Solution:解决问题,解决困难的策略

你好!工业解决方案 或者 工业方案 Communication & Industrial Solution &这个符号表示及的意思,前后是并列的成分,通讯以及行业解决方案.如有疑问,请追问.

erformance[pE5fC:mEns]n; an accomplishment.完成的事:尤指剧场里面对观众的表演Something performed:在观众面前扮演角色或演示工作的行动或风格The way in which someone or something functions.anceAHD.施行:实现或实行某事的行

overcome difficulties 要克服困难 solve problems 解决困难 请采纳谢谢

a poor solution的中文翻译a poor solution[译]一个糟糕的解决办法

D solution用法 n.1. 解答;解决(办法);解释[C][(+to/of/for)] It may take a long time to find a solution to the problem.也许要花很长时间才能找到解决这个问题的办法.The solution of the problem requires a lot of time.解决这个问题需要很多时间.



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