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squirrel的中文意思:名词:松鼠,松鼠科动物;松鼠毛皮.动词:储藏;贮存.单词发音:英[skwrl]美[skw:rl; skwl] 固定搭配:to squirrel away sth , to squirrel sth away 把…藏起来;把…储藏好 扩展资料:1.squirrel的变形:复数 squirrels 过去式 squirrelled 过去分词 squirrelled 现在分词 squirrelling2.squirrel的同义词:animal of genus Sciurus animal of genus Sciurus的汉语意思:松鼠属动物 参考资料:百度百科-squirrel

squirrel 英 ['skwrl] 美 [skwrl, skwr-] n.松鼠,松鼠科动物; 松鼠毛皮 vt.储藏; 贮存

n.1. 松鼠[C]Squirrels feed on nuts.松鼠以坚果为食.2. 松鼠毛皮[U]vt.1. 把藏起来,储存[(+away)]She squirrelled away her money.她把钱藏了起来.He denied having any money squirrelled away in foreign banks.他否认在外国银行里有存款.以上结果由 Dr.eye译典通字典 提供


squirrel: n. 松鼠;松鼠毛皮 | vt. 贮藏squire: n. 乡绅;侍从;大地主;地方法官 | vt.

squirrel 英['skwrl] 美[skwrl, skwr-] n. 松鼠,松鼠科动物;松鼠毛皮 vt. 储藏;贮存 第三人称单数:squirrels;过去分词:squirreled ;名词复数:squirrels[例句]The children were then asked to pick toys for squirrel.然后这些孩子们被要求给松鼠选玩具.

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翻译过来是:The film is said that a squirrel steal things, and the squirrel was found by a bear. Bears agreed not to kill the squirrel, but want it to retrieve food. Then the squirrel went out to persuade the animals which in the fence looking for food. I

fling squirrel:用中文直接翻译是飞起来的松鼠,那我翻译的就是蝙蝠呗,蝙蝠真正的英文是bat,蝙蝠的生物信息是:蝙蝠类不但不会像一般陆栖兽类那样在地上行走,却

你好:松鼠英文单词是:squirrel 读音:(音标读音):英[skwrl] 美[skw:rl] (分别表示了英式和美式读音) 【例句】The squirrel makes a store of nuts for the winter.


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