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Take your time to drink the coffee sir, it's a bit too hot. 先生,慢慢享受你的咖啡.现在有点热.Massi, take over Cyndi's chores, she's absent today. MASSI 今天来你给CYNDI 代替放学的家务.Take out your homework class. 把你们的作业拿出来同

apart fromShe keeps herself apart from (ie does not mix with) other people.她与别人 我分不清他们.-- It' s difficult to tell the two brothers apart.这两兄弟很难区分开.take apart

take apart1.拆开;拆卸(机器等);使…分开:The workers took the engine apart.工人们将引擎拆开了.2.猛烈抨击;尖锐批评…;将…驳得体无完肤;对…挑剔:Her new novel was taken apart by reviewers.她新出的小说被评论家们评得一无

take part in 参加…, 参与…活动 John takes part in many school activities.约翰参加很多学校里的活动.Joe took an active part in the struggle.乔积极参加斗争.如不明白请追问 手机提问者如果满意,请在客户端右上角评价点“满意”即可 如果有其他问题请采纳本题后另发点击向我求助,答题不易,请谅解,谢谢.祝学习进步

I want to take part in a basketball game 我想参加一场篮球比赛 I won this game,so I got the cup 我赢的了这场比赛,我获得了奖杯

take 用法 作为动词,主要有以下几种用法: 一、 拿,取 I want to take some books to the classroom. 我想拿些书到教室. 二、 吃,喝,服用,放 ① Take this medicine three times a day. 每天吃三次药. ② Do you take sugar in your milk? 你喝

take part in 参加…,参与…活动; 插脚没有take a part in这个词组.

i take part in the olympic games (我参加了奥运会) i'm the winner,so i win the cup (我是获胜者,所以我赢得了奖杯) it was a shame that li ming didn't come here yesterday (非常遗憾李明昨晚没有来)

taking love 有"获得爱"之意 take love则指"在爱情之中"

I'm taking a class in the classroom now.


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