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He's taken up the position of supervisor.他开始从事主管的工作.Most of the garage space is taken up with his music kit.车库的大部分空间都被他的音乐器材占用了.

take 用法 作为动词,主要有以下几种用法: 一、 拿,取 I want to take some books to the classroom. 我想拿些书到教室. 二、 吃,喝,服用,放 ① Take this medicine three times a day. 每天吃三次药. ② Do you take sugar in your milk? 你喝

Let's take a look at some of the figures involved. 让我们看一下涉及的一些数字.

I take my brother to go to school.我带我弟弟去上学 Our teacher takes us to the playground.我们的老师带我们去操场.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~祝你进步,如对你有帮助,请及时采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Take exercise for example. 就以锻炼为例. Take exercise together, possibly by playing sport or jogging.一起做运动. 一起跑步或进行其它健身运动.

Take your time to drink the coffee sir, it's a bit too hot. 先生,慢慢享受你的咖啡.现在有点热.Massi, take over Cyndi's chores, she's absent today. MASSI 今天来你给CYNDI 代替放学的家务.Take out your homework class. 把你们的作业拿出来同

1.I take my bag and book to school.2.Will you take my bag to the taxi?3.Can l take my goldfish to school?4.Take my kids to school every morning.望采纳.

Let me take your blood pressure.我给你量一量血压.You must take a number 316 bus to Huanghai Road, then take the subway. 你需要乘316路公共汽车去黄海路.然后乘地铁.How long will the test take? It`s not a take-home, is it? 考试时间有多长?

Take care of yourself.Please take this cup to the kitchen.

It's should take me twenty minutes to hospital!(花某人多少时间去做某事)


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