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turn out 的用法总结

1.证明是,原来是;结果发现 It turns out to be true.事实证明是真的.It turned out to be a successful party.=The party turned out to be successful.这次派对办得很成功.2.……变得…… Everything will turn out well.一切会好起来.It's turned out nice again.天气又好转了.3.生产;制造 The factory turns out cars.这个工厂生产小汽车.

turn out1.结果是;证明是The party turned out to be very successful. 晚会结果开得很成功. 2.关掉(收音机等)3.到外边来 The whole city turned out to welcome the guest. 全城的人都出来欢迎贵宾. 4.变成 It's

turn out基本翻译生产;结果是;关掉;出动;驱逐网络释义turn out:结果是 | 生产 | 证明是turn off基本翻译关掉,关闭;拐弯,使转变方向网络释义turn off:关掉 | 关 | 关上

v. 打扫, 驱逐, 使外倾, 生产, 起床, 翻出, 制造, 关掉 它的同意词组是 turn off

基本释义 1.关灯 don't forget to turn out the light when you leave the classroom.你离开教室时别忘了关灯.2.制造; 培养 how many machines did you turn out last month?上个月你们生产了多少台机器?this university has turned out some first-rate

一、 turn = become 用作连系动词. 例如: In autumn the leaves turn yellow. 秋天树叶变黄. 二、 turn up表示"出现"及由turn构成的词组. 例如:1. I expect the missing watch will turn up one day. 我希望那块丢失的手表哪一天会出现. 2. Don't

同学你好, turn的用法归纳如下: i. turn (n.) 顺序, 轮流 1. it's one's turn to do sth. 轮到某人做某事 it's your turn to make a decision. 2. take one's turn to do sth. = do sth. in turn =do sth. by turns轮流做某事 the nurses attended the patient in turn / by

turnturnAHD:[trn] D.J.[t*8n]K.K.[t)n]【基本词意】v.(动词)turned, turn.ing, turnsv.tr.(及物动词)To cause to move around an axis or a center; cause to rotate or revolve.使旋转,转动:使绕着一个轴或中心移动;使转动或旋转 To cause to

打扫, 驱逐, 使外歪, 生产, 制造, 培养出, 翻出, 关掉, 装饰, 出动, 起床, 结果是 【法】 逐出, 驱逐, 结果

turn的用法归纳如下:I.turn (n.) 顺序,轮流 1.It's one's turn to do sth.轮到某人做某事 It's your turn to make a decision.2.take one's turn to do sth.= do sth.in turn =do sth.by


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