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in time 是及时的意思 go wrong 是出错的意思 整句就应该是 在意料中出错了

puzzle释义n. 谜;难题;迷惑vt. 使…困惑;使…为难;苦思而得出vi. 迷惑;冥思苦想

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This creates economic and social upheaval. 这带来了经济与社会的剧变.Search for more Statistics Summary for fauxpax. 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*) 有不会的可以再问我:

原句The fish out of water 【most often women though later men】.Each struggling to find their place in society amidst social change and upheaval==楼主阅读面很广啊.==意思是:通常是女人感到不适应,不

indifferent1. 不感兴趣的;不关心的;冷淡的[(+to/toward)]I was concentrating so hard that I was indifferent to the noise outside.我思想高度集中,不在乎外面的喧嚷声.2. 不偏不倚的;中立的remain indifferent in a dispute在争端中保持中立3.

getting started 入门指南;准备开始双语例句 1.See the Getting started section in Part 1 of this series to prepare for this part. 请参阅本系列第 1 部分中的 开始 一节为这一部分做准备.2.Getting started with an implementation is simple; you just select a component and pick an implementation type for it. 开始进行实现非常简单;直接选择一个组件,并为其选择一个实现类型即可.

across-the-board[英]['krs'b:d][美]['krs'bord]adj.& adv.全盘的,全面的 全面地; 双语例句1The President promised across-the-board tax cuts if re-elected.总统许诺如果能再次当选将采取全面的减税措施.2It also shined a light

虽然unity,unification,uniformity三词均有统一、一致之意,但它们的侧重点不一样. unity强调整体性(wholeness)、同一性(oneness)、一致(consensus),取统一之义是与组织、国家搭配.例:①These works, taken together, are

政治与社会动乱upheaval名词 n.1.突然的巨变;大动荡;大变动 It was faced with the greatest social upheaval since World War Ⅱ.它面临第二次世界大战以来最大的社会动乱.


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