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walked awaycould've been a little more wiser should've been a millionaire could have held you a whole lot tighter acted like i did not care i want to feel like i am somewhere in the middle of this i want to feel like I'm not just slipping away so i walked

i can truly say it's not everyday someone makes me feel this way just like a star shooting past the moon felt like a holiday i wanna take you away to another place where the love just over flows, babe you are like my rain that needed to fall in the flowers

walk away离开你 我们在这里只是老了一点 岁月流逝 但我是否曾经告诉你 我如此的需要你 当你不在身边这感觉向我袭来 你将永远是会是那个 明白我 为何 不能失去你的抚慰的人 我的一生 只为等待一个人 而长久以来 你就是唯一的人选 so所以


Walk away离开你 Here we are just a little longer我们在这里只是老了一点 Time goes by岁月流逝 Why did I ever tell you why但我是否曾经告诉你 I want you so much我如此的需要你 You came to me when you were not around当你不在身边这感觉向

walkaway ['w:k,wei]基本翻译n. 轻易得到的胜利;徒步逃犯网络释义walkaway:轻易获胜|出走者|噪声检测walkaway VSP:变井源距垂直地震剖面pedestrian walkaway system:行人通道系统|行人信道系统 而 walk away 是走开 希望能帮到你

You've got your mother and your brother, every other Under cover telling you what to say You think I'm stupid But the truth is, that it's Cupid Baby, loving you has made me this way So before you point your finger Get your hands off of my trigger You

Walk away-BlueIs this masquerade finally over化妆舞会最终结束了吗?Can we put down the roles that we've played so many times我们可以放下扮演了许多次的角色吗?Is this really the final curtain这真的是最后的演出了吗?The end of the play表

答:你好,很高兴为你解答这个问题;中文翻译歌词如下:走开- lvndscape / Kaptan今天又冷又寂寞.我周围只有雨水包围着寂静找不到回到我来的地方的路直到你离开的夏日你带我去湖边那就是我们见面的地方悬挂在果园旁睡在树上我们跑进


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