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wEnt CAmping造句带翻译

My family 【went camping】 in a small village near our city last week. For the first day, we took 【a long bus ride】 to a farm in the countryside. On arriving there, we put up our tents and got together to have dinner. But I was 【so tired that】 I didn't

rode a horse 原形: ride a horse went camping 原形: go camping went fishing 原形: go fishing rode a bike 原形:ride a bike hurt my foot 原形: hurt my foot ate fresh food 原形: eat fresh food

很高兴能回答您的问题!went camping的读音:[wnt] [kmp] 有任何问题欢迎直接追问,满意请及时采纳点赞,谢谢!

1.wentWe went to school yesterday.我们昨天去了学校.2.woreThe woman wore adress.女的穿着裙子3.sawI saw a monster on the TV!我在电视上看见一个怪物4.drankThey drank wine this morning他们早上喝了酒5.ateI ate a hamburger.我吃了一个汉堡.

什么意思?造句? 造句为:It was sunny last weekend,and we went camping.翻译为:上个周末天气晴朗,我们去野营了.望采纳,祝楼主学习进步!

camping不是进行时,而是动名词,是兼有动词和名词特征的非限定动词,动词ing形式的一种 就像go swimming 里的swimming也是动名词 千万别觉得动词加了ing就是进行时了!!!

went camping in the rain .翻译:在雨中露营.引申义:以从容的心面对困难 亲,给个最佳吧

1. We went on a guided tour round the castle. 我们随着导游参观了城堡.

What did you do last weekend./When did you go camping?I went camping last weekend. What did she do?/Where did she go?She went to the beach.How was your weekend? My weekend was great

原形为“go camping”,意思是“去露营”.


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